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‘Tina is a multi-talented, creative stylist and head makeup artist who has forgotten more than most stylists know! I often wont work on a project unless Tina is on the team, she is indispensable.

- TONY BRIGGS photographer/director


‘Tina brings positivity, adaptability but above all, STYLE to every shoot. I love collaborating with her on each project as she always enhances my ideas and takes them to the next level. If I could work with her on everything I would!’

- WILL CLARK SMITH commercials director


‘I’ve worked with Tina on many shoots over the years, and each one has been an absolute pleasure. Her ability to bring style and panache to any subject matter is what has made Tina such a successful and respected stylist in the industry.’

- GARETH ROBERTSON creative director


‘Tina is an invaluable member of any unit. In addition to impeccable taste, she engages early in the production process to interpret script and help build and differentiate character. She's also brilliantly flexible and able to construct the required look from occasionally limited resources. But most importantly, she supports everyone else on the team with her warmth and generosity of spirit. She's worked with Pukka Films for over ten years and I can’t imagine not working with her for another ten.’

- PAUL KATIS film director


‘I have worked with Tina on many shoots and its like family. You know you don't have to worry as she takes care of everything. Multi talented stylist, makeup artist, prop buyer, occasional model and all round perfect person to spend a day with. Book her, you wont regret it, she's great!’

- BETH WIGHTMAN photography agent

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